Ekaterina Schulze

Undertaking a landscape project, I always seek to enhance the natural beauty of space and provide environmental benefits.

To me, a landscape project isn't just about design areas so that are not only functional but also beautiful. It’s about meeting people, using of modern technologies, working with a wealth of information. Making a landscape project cannot be just heartless execution. It's the way of thinking, creative and style of living.

Ekaterina Schulze a landscape architect, Founder and Partner YasenLandscapeGroup. In 2003 graduated from the Moscow Architecture Institute where she had studied Landscape Architecture with Alexnder Kvasov.

From her early age Ekaterina spent her time at Sochi Parks. She was so fond of nature that she decided to become a landscape architect.

After completing her studies, she worked for Milorad Knezhevich Architecture firm. She has created landscapes and plan, design and manage open spaces, “green roofs” and building's facade of Novaya Alexandria’s apartment complex, Sochi.

Since 2005 as part of the company "Proektstroyinzhiniring" she has been leading a landscape team designing both private and public landscapes in Moscow (55 Gilayrovsky’s apartment complex, 14 Trigorny’s val apartment complex and private gardens.

Since 2009 he has been implementing her projects mostly abroad.

Her projects:

  • Private Residence, Calonge, Catalonia, Spain, 2012.
  • Private Residence Sierra Blanca, Marbella, Spain.
  • Joint project with Kenzo Такада private Resort / Acarin.
  • Designing and implementing landscape for для SIX SENSES RESORT AND SPA, Cambodia, since 2013. Open winter 2019 ( www.sixsenses. com ).
  • Designing Earth and Organic farm for Six Senses Cambodia, 2017.

In 2012 Ekaterina set up her own business “YasenGroup" in cooperation with Planta Nova, Spain (the biggest planting materials producer in Spain).

She has created and implemented a number of landscape projects in Switzerland, private landscapes “Plato D’aro” in Catalonia, Spain; and in Limassol, Cyprus in cooperation with the biggest planting materials producer in Germany “Lorberg”.

Ekaterina takes open-air classes of Eudes Correia in Portugal.

Ekaterina Schulze has opened in April 2019 on-line landscape sketching school for landscape and garden designers (www.esketching.ru)

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