About us

Our company specialises in landscape architecture. We provide architectural and landscape design, master planning services to both public and private clients. Taking cues from the landscape we are often derived from site features, its culture and history.

Our company was founded in 2004. The staff includes multidisciplinary professional team: architects, landscape architects, dendrologists. We cooperate with architectural and landscape companies from Europe and Asia such as Hotels and Spa Resorts.

We divide our work into following steps: landscape analysis and site planning; conceptual design; preliminary design; master planning; design implementation; architectural supervision and landscape maintenance. Our aim is to give service to the highest quality.


Yasen Landscape Group,
Spain, 29649, Mijas Costa, calle Oceano Atlantico 2, +34619420597
Russia, Moscow +79262064684

Our team

Ekaterina Schulze

Olga Kocherzhuk

Tatiana Kamanina

Daria Vendina

Marina Efimova

Svetlana Shibanova - Garcia de la Peña